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Step into Spring with Solarfix

March Step into spring

As winter's chill begins to fade, and the days gradually lengthen, there's no better time to step into spring with a decision that not only benefits your wallet but also the environment – installing a Solarfix panel system on your home.


Investing in solar panels provides a stable and predictable source of energy. By utilizing the power of the sun, homeowners can essentially lock in their electricity rates for the lifetime of the panels and with a 25 year performance warranty, that’s a lot of savings to be made. This is significant in Northern Ireland, where the electricity prices have been on a rollercoaster ride in recent years.


Beyond electricity, Solarfix offers an approach to energy efficiency by offering hot water diverters as part of an installation. By integrating this technology with your solar panels, you can use the sun's energy to heat water in your tank. This means during the summer months, there’s no need to rely on your oil or gas heating for hot water.


Solar energy production doesn't always align with peak consumption times and our Northern Irish weather isn’t always as sunny as we would hope. That's where Solarfix's battery storage solutions come into play. Excess energy generated during the day can be stored in batteries for later use, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply even during non-sunny hours. This not only maximizes your energy independence but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient lifestyle.


With the rise of electric cars within Northern Ireland, an easy and cost effective way to charge your EV has never been higher. A solar compatible EV charger can be incorporated into your bespoke solar system if required to ensure that you are making the most of the energy you are generating. As we step into spring, visualise yourself driving with the windows down and the aircon on, happy knowing you are driving on solar power that you generated.


By choosing Solarfix, you are not only contributing to a greener and healthier planet, but you are also making a financial investment for your future. Typically, for a domestic property, the return on investment is 5-8 years, with commercial properties being as low as 3 years.  With the average domestic system generating 4,700kwh per year, whether you are using the electricity within your own home or selling it back to the grid, you are making money. Most domestic systems save over £1,000 per year and receive an export payment in the autumn!



Don't just take our word for it – numerous happy families and business owners who have switched to Solarfix express their satisfaction. Many wish they had made the decision sooner. Explore our Google reviews for firsthand accounts of the positive impact our solar systems have had on homes and businesses.


Ready to embrace the benefits of solar energy? Give our dedicated team a call at 0800 246 5198 or visit our website, to complete an enquiry form. Let Solarfix guide you through the process, helping you size a system that meets your unique needs and installing it hassle-free. Step into spring with Solarfix and embark on a journey towards sustainable living, financial savings, and a brighter, greener future.


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