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Reduce your electricity bills with
Solar Power

Solar panels produce incredible amounts of power – even in Northern Ireland!

The Solarfix System will significantly reduce your electricity bill first.
Any excess solar energy can then be used to charge batteries, heat water, fuel electric vehicles or simply be sold back to the grid.

Solar PV is cheaper and greener, so it helps reduce your electricity bills whilst also helping out the environment. Installing solar panels is a no brainer for most homes in Northern Ireland. 

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Makes sound financial sense

Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work. As long as there is daylight the panels will be generating cheap electricity. Most homes in Northern Ireland use between 10 and 15 kwh units of electricity per day. Our most common domestic systems produce 3,500 to 5,000 kwh units of electricity per year and at a lower generation cost per kwh than homeowners can buy it from the grid. Solar makes sound financial and common sense.

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Designed around you

We take a very different approach at Solarfix. We design each system specifically to the needs of the individual customer.  We do not simply push “off the shelf” products that you may not need or want. During our conversation with you we will ask some simple questions about your electrical usage and your lifestyle. We will apply our years of knowledge and experience and will then offer a recommendation that is personal to you. We will be honest at all times. It’s all very straightforward, easy and should make common sense. If it doesn’t – there will not be excess pressure applied to buy. That’s just how we roll here at Solarfix and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

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Quality choice

Quality is one of our key values here at Solarfix and it is what differentiates us from the rest. We genuinely live and breathe it. We do not care if we are the cheapest – we do care that we are the best. We believe this offers our customers better value for money on a long-term investment like solar panels, rather than cutting corners to save a few quid upfront.
We are ISO 9001 quality accredited, ISO 140001 environmentally accredited, MCS registered installers and are part of the Safe-T cert health and safety scheme. Solarfix are the selected supplier of choice in Ireland for many of the world’s leading brands. But above all, we have 10 years of happy and loyal customers who have left us hundreds of positive reviews and referrals. Without our customers we would be nothing – and that is our incentive to keep quality at the forefront of our business.

Solarfix logo


Customer Stories

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Solarfix NI | Are solar panels worthwhile for homeowners in Northern Ireland? | Customer Testimonial
Solarfix NI | Are solar panels worthwhile on a new build home? | Customer Testimonial
Solarfix NI | Are solar panels worthwhile on a new build home? | Customer Testimonial

Why your home needs a Solarfix system

Cost Savings

Generating your own solar power is less expensive than buying it from the grid within the warranty period of the panels – so why but it from the grid? Reduce your bills now.

Energy Security

Energy prices are volatile. You are effectively ‘forward buying’ your electricity at a fixed cost – securing a supply for thousands of units per year inflation free.

Carbon Footprint

Systems can save over 50,000kg of carbon in their lifetime. Solar Panels will also boost your home’s energy rating which usually increases the value of your property. It’s a ‘Win Win’ situation.

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