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Eco-Friendly Farming

Farmers in Northern Ireland are highly exposed to costly and somewhat volatile energy prices.
At the same time the agricultural industry is under intense pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.
Solar power can help with both: so it’s a Win-Win!

With a Solarfix panel system you are effectively investing in a less expensive, inflation proof electricity source. This greener power supply also means less carbon emissions.  

So, if you have a farm with high electricity bills and unused roof space or land – why wouldn’t you install solar panels?

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Save Money

Save Money

It's a simple fact that farming and rural businesses will always need electricity to operate. Recently, these costs have spiraled, squeezing already pressured margins even further.

Every 100 kW of solar panels installed on a farm has the potential to save up to 80,000 units of electricity per year. That’s up to 80,000 fewer units you have to purchase from the grid annually, putting more money in farmers' pockets to reinvest in their businesses.

In Northern Ireland, solar panels typically pay for themselves within 3-5 years in farming, and they come with a 25-year performance warranty. If you need power to run your farm, why not invest in a Solarfix Panel System? With Solarfix, leading suppliers of solar panels in Northern Ireland, you ensure long-term savings and sustainability.

Save Carbon

Save Carbon

Farmers are being put under increased pressure to reduce their carbon footprint – be it via new regulations, supplier tender requirements or simply by more environmentally focussed customers.

However, whilst we all want to help the environment, reducing your carbon emissions can be seen as a minefield and often incurs ‘extra cost’ to achieve.

The best part about Solarfix is that not only do solar panels save you money, but they also save carbon – and lots of it! Solarfix systems in Northern Ireland are currently saving over 1,000,000kg of CO2 every year. Every 100kw of solar panels installed on your farm could reduce your annual carbon footprint by over 20,000kg.
So, with Solarfix you can achieve your economic and environmental goals at the same time… It’s a Win-Win.

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Customer Stories

Why your farm needs a Solarfix system

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Cost Savings

Generating your own solar power is less expensive than buying it from the grid within the warranty period of the panels – so why but it from the grid? Reduce your bills now.

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Energy Security

Energy prices are volatile. You are effectively ‘forward buying’ your electricity at a fixed cost – securing a supply for thousands of units per year inflation free.

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Carbon Footprint

Systems can save over 50,000kg of carbon in their lifetime. Solar Panels will also boost your home’s energy rating which usually increases the value of your property. It’s a ‘Win Win’ situation.

No servicing - No Stress - No Brainer

No servicing - No Stress - No Brainer

Solar panels have no moving parts so are not adding any additional servicing or maintenance to your work pattern. Solar panels have 25yr performance warranty that states they must be at least 83% as efficient after 25years as the day there were installed – so it’s fit and forget.

As you are getting a fixed amount of electricity from the panels every year, you don’t have to worry about the electricity prices fluctuating or the cost of inflation. You have effectively paid for these units up front by investing in your Solarfix system. This reduces the stress on your cashflow.

Solar panels from Solarfix tick all the boxes. It’s a no brainer.

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