Take Control of Your Energy with Solar and Storage

Commercial organisations, Agriculture industries and government entities can achieve greater control, reliability and security with our solar PV and battery systems. Battery integrates seamlessly with solar to shave peak energy usage, lower bills and generate new revenue streams exporting to the grid.
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Solar Panels for Business

Energy bills are predicted to increase by 40% over the next 10 years. Take steps to reduce your energy bills and limit the impact of future price increases.


Whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment or secure future energy generation for your business, we are the experts in commercial rooftop installations.

Our relationship with you doesn’t stop after the installation; we offer a comprehensive operation and maintenance service to monitor your solar panels (in real-time) and respond to any faults or drop in performance throughout the life time of your system.

What our customers say

AES Global reduced their electricity overheads and also use the solar energy to charge the businesses electric car fleet.

NearyNogs Chocolate wanted to lower their CO2 and found solar saves them time and money.

AES Global
Considerable cost savings

The ability to generate clean, free energy during daytime hours allows you to be less reliant on the grid and slash energy costs by as much as half.

Financial stability and energy security

Energy prices have been steadily on the rise, by sourcing your energy from commercial solar panels, you're effectively forward buying your electricity at a set cost.

A greatly reduced carbon footprint

Installing solar PV can considerably cut down on your business' carbon emissions, allowing you to optimise your sustainable business strategy.

Improved public perception through CSR

You can improve the public perception of your business through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Using commercial solar panels to produce your energy is a great public demonstration of CSR.

Battery storage for Business

Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial battery storage systems are larger than a domestic PV system, solarfix would need to would analyse your energy bills and the amount of energy you are exporting from your commercial solar PV to size the battery correctly. With your export data we can price, size and design the battery system correctly.

Solar Panels for Agriculture

Refrigeration warehouses, grain stores, dairy units, chicken housing, etc require a lot of energy to operate.


With the high cost of electricity that continues to increase year on year, solar PV can provide excellent opportunities for agriculture to help reduce electricity costs. Solarfix specialise in solar panels for agricultural buildings, helping farmers to earn money and reduce their carbon footprint by generating their own renewable energy.

Our Solar Panel solutions can be installed on rooftops and ground mounted on unused land.


A properly installed solar panel system using good quality components should be relatively hassle-free but like any electronic equipment, solar panel systems are not immune to problems and if you find that any part of your solar panel system needs attention or if you would simply like a maintenance visit or full service for piece of mind, our team of experts are on hand to help.


We work alongside all manufacturers of solar equipment meaning if your panels or inverters are faulty and need replaced, as long as the equipment is still under manufacturer’s warranty, we can source a warranty replacement from the manufacturer at no cost to you.


EV Chargepoints

Take advantage of the Workplace Charging Scheme for your business and avail of a £500 voucher towards each EV charge point. You can apply for a voucher for up to a maximium of 10 EV charge points, each getting their own £500 voucher.
Solarfix can install a wide range of chargepoints from a three phase Zappi to our most popular Rolec EV charger.

Solar Panel Drone Thermal Imaging

Solarfix offer solar panel surveys using Unmanned Aerial Drones equipped with the latest Infrared Imaging Technology. This service is available for all solar panel systems in Northern Ireland, from small domestic to huge solar parks as well as Solar Thermal systems.  The aerial surveys are carried out by highly qualified and experienced RPAS UAV (Drone Operator) operators and will quickly identify any faulty or underperforming panels without the extra cost, time and risks involved in identifying faulty panels traditionally.


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