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Commercial - Solarfix Solution

Your business will always need electricity to operate. Even in Ireland, Solar panels can provide power at a cheaper cost than you can buy it from the grid.

Paying your electricity bill is 100% cost with 0% return and 0% satisfaction.
Most commercial Solarfix Systems pay for themselves in 3-5 years and Solar panels have 25yr performance warranties. Your return on investment could be over 20% and being more self-sufficient with Solar is very rewarding.

Energy costs are volatile and so it is difficult for your business to budget and plan for.
With Solar panels installed by Solarfix you are forward buying your power - effectively investing in fixed-cost, inflation proof electricity for now and into the future. This makes planning simpler, yet more effective. It gives you confidence to make decisions going forward. The cost savings and energy security provided from solar panels keeps you ahead of the competition.

All businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment. We will come under increased pressure to do so from now on and our customers care about their impact on the planet.
Not only do solar panels save money but they save thousands of kilos of carbon per year.
With Solarfix you can achieve your economic and environmental goals at the same time… It’s Win Win – An Easy business decision.

Think of it in the most simple terms:  If your current electricity supplier offered you 25years of fixed price inflation-proof electricity, for typically under 9 pence per kwh unit, whilst also saving 1,000s of kilos of carbon per year – you would literally bite their hand off.. That’s what Solarfix can do for your business.

Business Solar
What our customers say
What our customer say
Considerable cost savings

Generating your own solar power is less expensive than buying it from the grid within the warranty period of the panels – so why but it from the grid? Reduce your bills now.

Financial stability and energy security

Energy prices are volatile. You are effectively ‘forward buying’ your electricity at a fixed cost – securing a supply for thousands of units per year inflation free.

A greatly reduced carbon footprint

Installing Solar PV can considerably cut down on your business' carbon emissions. This allows you to optimise your sustainable business strategy and can help your business meet any new regulations or tendering requirements.

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