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Get Energy Independence

Battery storage is a perfect solution for anyone exporting large amounts of solar back to the grid. You export power at 14p* per unit and then buy it back for 30p*. You are effectively paying more for power that you originally had.

Battery storage is also an ideal solution for any homes that are vacant during daylight hours, when the panels are producing power.

Any energy stored throughout the day, can be used during the night and dark winter mornings. And what’s more, you can charge the batteries on a cheaper night tariff for even more savings!

*Averages at the start of 2024

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Solarfix – Northern Ireland’s No.1 Solar installer, are proud to present the brand-new Duracell Home Battery. With a Solarfix Solar Panel system and the new Duracell Home Battery you can power your home with solar power and store it in the Duracell Home Battery giving you huge savings on your electricity bills. It saves money, it helps the environment and that makes everyone a Happy Bunny. Contact us to see how you can start saving now.

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Energy Independence

Maximise your energy savings with the 5kw PureDrive Energy Storage battery. The Puredrive battery allows you to store excess energy for when the sun isn’t shining, meaning instead of selling it to the grid you are getting even more benefits within your own home.

Key details:

  • Compatible with the Solis Hybrid Inverter

  • Can be installed DC or AC.

  • Modular – add up to 6 batteries.

  • Designed and developed within the UK.

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Combine Solar and Storage

Combine your Solaredge optimised system with the 10kw Solaredge Energybank battery. Save your excess solar to use later and even in the cold Northern Irish winter charging batteries on a cheaper night tariff has never been easier with the mySolarEdge App. 

Key details:

  • Compatible with the Solaredge HD wave inverter

  • Installed on the DC side.

  • Modular – stack up to 3 batteries per inverter.

  • Unlimited cycles within warranty period.

The Benefits

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Maximising Solar

Our solar battery storage solutions ensure you capture and utilize solar energy to its fullest.

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Cost Savings

Our innovative solar battery storage systems store excess energy when rates are low, allowing you to use it when prices peak.

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Energy Independence

Break free from the grid's constraints and take control of your energy supply.

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Dura5 Battery

The Dura5 home storage battery is a cutting-edge solution for indoor energy storage. With the ability to be modular up to 32 units, it offers flexible installation options, including wall mount or stacking. A 10-year warranty ensures long-term reliability and peace of mind for homeowners. Duracell Energy has a dedicated team of 100+ staff in the UK, providing leading research and development, technical expertise, and customer support. With easy installation and a decade-long warranty, the Dura5 home storage battery is a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their energy storage system. Reach out to our team for more information and support. The Duracell Energy Smart APP automatically maximises your energy cost savings by integrating time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV charger.

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  • 1C/1C charge and discharge

  • Plug-and-play (all cables included)

  • Master BMS autoselect

  • Modular up to 32 units (stacks of 16)

  • Module-level auto-balancing.

  • Add additional batteries at any time

  • 10 Year warranty

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