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Energy Efficient Home

With any new build the goal is to make your new home as energy efficient as possible. You want to create a comfortable space that you can enjoy without it costing the earth to run. With the move from fossil fuels to Air Source Heat Pumps, Electric Cars and other smart technologies – all of which require significant amounts of electricity to run – Solar Panels have never made more sense.

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As Important as Bricks and Mortar

As Important as Bricks and Mortar


  • Solar Panels generate electricity that reduce your home’s running costs.

  • Solar Panels can be integrated with most heating systems to help reduce your heating or hot water costs.

  • Solar Panels reduce the carbon footprint of your home and improve the energy rating of your property.

  • Solar Panels have the option of being incorporated into the roof finish, saving money on other building materials such as slate roof tiles.

  • Solar panels can add value to the property.

  • Most items you are buying for your new home are a ‘cost’ whereas solar panels are an investment that will save you money, perhaps even generate you a small income over time.

Given the above, at Solarfix we believe including Solar panels in your build project is as essential as the bricks and mortar.

Solarfix – We make it easy on you

Solarfix – We make it easy on you

We have completed hundreds of new builds and are often referred to as the simplest contractor on site to work with, so you do not have any added stress from Solar Panels if you go with Solarfix. The Process is as follows:

  • Please send through your plans as early as possible to us. We will complete a desktop survey and issue you a recommendation and quote, typically within a week.

  • We will call to discuss the right system for you, the equipment locations, and the price. Once you make your decision and the deposit is paid - your price is fixed – no surprises later.

  • We will issue schematics and list of cables for your on-site spark to pull in. We will consult with the roofing team and your builder to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Solarfix will install the panels typically before the roof finish is going on and the scaffold is still up. We will then return when the power is on to fit the inverter and commission the system.

  • In the background the Solarfix team will be completing the NIE paperwork relevant to solar, helping you set up your account for exporting back to the grid, generating MCS certificates required for building control etc.

When you move into the house we will call out and walk you through the entire system, explaining how it all works and setting up the monitoring app on your phone. Easy Peasy.

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Customer Stories

Why your new home needs a Solarfix system

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Cost Savings

Generating your own solar power is less expensive than buying it from the grid within the warranty period of the panels – so why but it from the grid? Reduce your bills now.

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Energy Security

Energy prices are volatile. You are effectively ‘forward buying’ your electricity at a fixed cost – securing a supply for thousands of units per year inflation free.

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Carbon Footprint

Systems can save over 50,000kg of carbon in their lifetime. Solar Panels will also boost your home’s energy rating which usually increases the value of your property. It’s a ‘Win Win’ situation.

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