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Solarfix - Electricity Cheaper than you can buy if from the Grid. Why Wouldn’t you?

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It’s a simple fact that businesses will always need electricity to operate. Most businesses are currently paying over 25p per unit for their power from the grid. Solarfix panel systems may be able to generate it for you for under 9 pence per unit.

Most businesses are at the mercy of the market and simply do not know what the cost per unit of electricity will be from one year to the next. This is stressful and makes it impossible to plan for the future.

With Solarfix you have a 25yr performance warranty on the solar panels, so you are effectively investing in fixed-cost, inflation proof electricity. Instead of stress and uncertainty this give you a sense of energy security as you know you are getting 1,000s of units of electricity per year from the panels at no additional annual cost.

Businesses are under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions. This is often seen as cost or a pain or a minefield.

The beauty of Solar panels is that they save carbon and they save money at the same time. In fact Solarfix systems in N. Ireland are reducing CO2 emissions by over 1,000,000kg of carbon per year.

So with Solarfix you can achieve your economic and environmental goals at the same time… It’s Win Win.

Think of it in the most simple terms:  If your current electricity supplier offered you 25years of fixed price inflation-proof electricity, for typically under 9 pence per kwh unit, whilst also saving 1,000s of kilos of carbon per year – you would literally bite their hand off... That’s what Solarfix can do for your business.

You may also be eligible for a grant covering some of the cost (T&Cs apply). But the panels make complete sense anyway with or without the grant. As mentioned before, if you can generate the power yourself cheaper than you can buy it off the grid – Why wouldn’t you?

If you are interested please contact Solarfix using the website enquiry form at or call directly on 0800 246 5198 and the team will get the ball rolling for you.  


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