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Everything is going Electric – That’s why you NEED a Solar fix now.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency

“The days of simply “switching off lights” to save money are dead and gone. Most LED lights  bulbs now only pull about 5 – 10 watts of power…. However your kettle pulls nearly 3,000watts. Your heat pump perhaps up to 4,000w and your electric car pulls 7,400w. If you are in business, you will be likely be using 10s if not 100s of thousands of units of electric per year. THAT’S WHY YOU NEED A CHEAP SOURCE OF ELECTRICITY” – SOLARFIX

I’m not saying you shouldn’t switch off lights. You should. Go and switch off your lights right now (And make sure they are LED whilst you are at it).

But what I am saying is don’t be a busy fool or penny-wise /pound foolish or any other cliché.

Simply put – most things in your home or business are already electric. Your computers, your internet, your gadgets, your mobile phones, your TV, possibly your oven, your kettle and yes your lights – you could name 100 items no doubt.

Electricity powers them all and electricity is already probably one of your biggest monthly bills. You can’t switch them all off. You need power to live. But why are you paying too much for it and just accepting it?

Also, you’ve probably realised that as the world moves to ‘carbon neutral’ – everything is moving to electric? In time your car will be electric. Your heating will be an electric heat pump. As will everything else. So your usage and your bills - that were already too big - are unfortunately only going to get bigger.

So what are you doing about it? Switching off that 5w light bulb? (Yes! But no - not just that!)

You really need to be making savings from the source. A cheap source such as a Solarfix panel system - instead of just paying your electric bill monthly and sucking it up. Most people now pay by direct debit and aren’t even aware of what their usage is. What’s the point in that? You don’t get any return on that – it’s a cost straight out of your bank for very little if anything back. Instead of wasting money you should instead be investing your hard-earned money in Solar Panels. Why?

Simple fact: Solar panels can generate power cheaper than you can buy it off the grid. So why are you buying it all off the grid? Typically, solar power is less than half the price, per unit, as grid supplied power.

Simple fact: Solar panels help reduce your carbon footprint. In the next few years every home and business is going to be put under pressure to do so – whether you are green minded or not. At least solar panels pay for themselves and in fact save you money as an investment, instead of being just a pure cost outlay. What’s nice though is that every 100kw of Solar panels installed saves over 500,000kg of carbon in it’s lifetime. So it’s Win Win.   

Simple fact: There are lots of things you can invest in –heating, insulation, more efficient appliances – but you will still need a source of power for most of them, and electricity is the most flexible resource of all. Electricity can be used for power, heating, lighting, your cars, your gadgets, the list is endless. It’s the most versatile and effective fuel there is.

It just makes common sense. Contact Solarfix to talk through how we can assist you saving money. We’ve been installing panels in Northern Ireland for over 8 years, have over 1,000 domestic systems and hundreds of commercials systems which are generating over 5,000,000 kwh units of electricity per year and so know what will work for you. We are more than happy to help and have a very no-nonsense but helpful approach, so please get in touch. 0800 246 5198


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