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Maximizing Solar Power Efficiency with Home Storage Batteries in Northern Ireland

As the push towards renewable energy continues to grow, more homeowners are looking into solar panel installations as a sustainable solution for their energy needs. However, without a method to store excess energy, the full potential of solar power isn't realised. Installing home storage batteries with your solar system ensures that you make the most of every ray of sunlight. Here’s why it’s a good idea to consider adding batteries to your solar setup.


Why Install Batteries with Solar Panels in Northern Ireland?


1. Store Excess Solar Energy for Later Use:


One of the primary benefits of installing home storage batteries with your solar panel system is the ability to store any excess solar energy generated during the day. Typically, solar panels in Northern Ireland produce the most energy during midday when household consumption is lower. By storing this surplus energy in a home storage battery, you can use it later in the evening when solar production is low. This ensures that your home remains powered by clean energy, reducing your reliance on the grid.


2. Reduce Energy Bills:


Home storage batteries can significantly lower your electricity bills. By utilising stored solar power during peak usage times, you avoid higher electricity rates charged by utility companies. Additionally, in regions like Northern Ireland, you can take advantage of economy 7 tariffs. These tariffs offer reduced rates during the night, allowing you to charge your batteries overnight at a lower cost and use the stored energy during the day.


3. Increase Energy Independence:


With a reliable battery system, you gain greater control over your energy usage. This independence from the grid not only provides a power supply but also shields you from fluctuating energy prices. By integrating a My Energi Zappi Car Charger and an My Energi Eddi immersion heater controller into your system, you can further enhance your energy management and efficiency.


4. Enhance Solar Panel Efficiency:


By integrating home storage batteries, you can optimize the efficiency of your solar panel system. During sunny days, while the batteries are being charged, you can still utilise solar energy for high-consumption activities like running washing machines, dishwashers, or tumble dryers. This dual approach maximizes the use of solar power both in real-time and for future needs.


Battery Options We Offer


SolarEdge energy bank

SolarEdge Energy Bank (10kW)


·         Cost: £6,800 (with 0% VAT)

·         Compatibility: This DC battery is compatible only with a SolarEdge HD Wave inverter. Contact us for more details.

·         Benefits: Storing energy in a high-capacity battery ensures that you can use your solar power whenever you need it, reducing reliance on the grid and increasing energy independence.


Duracell Energy home battery

Duracell Energy Home Battery (5kW)

·         Cost: £2,150 - £3,950 (with 0% VAT), depending on system amendments.

·         Scalability: You can add another 5kW battery for an additional £1,800, creating a 10kW system.

·         Benefits: The Duracell solar battery is compatible with the Solis hybrid inverter, which can be implemented as a DC coupled or AC coupled storage system (depending on your existing solar set up, contact us to discuss).


Is a Battery Right for You?


While the benefits of home storage batteries are clear, they may not be necessary for everyone. We encourage you to contact us for a quick calculation of your energy export to determine if a battery would be beneficial for your home, business, or farm. Our experts can provide tailored advice based on your specific energy consumption and solar production patterns.


To find out more about how batteries can enhance your solar panel system, please click here for our FAQ page or contact us directly at 0800 246 5198. You can also click here for our contact form to get in touch with our team.




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