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Affordable battery storage solution

The new range of Hybrid Inverters allow you to store surplus energy in batteries for use later. For the first time, when combined with Modular Batteries, this presents a truly affordable electricity storage solution for households and small businesses.

3 Inverter models

The inverter size comes in 3kw, 3.6kw or 5kw options.

Modular battery design

You can start with one battery and add up to 6 modules through time.

New or replace

This solution can be installed as part of a new system or replace an existing inverter.

80% Typical Self-use

Customers typically increase their solar usage with a battery system. 

Energy Solution


Install a complete new solar system consisting of 4Kw all black mono solar panels, a 3.6Kwh Solis Hybrid string inverter, 5kwh of modular battery storage.

Starting from £ 9,800 ex vat 
VAT charged at 5% domestic, 0% new build, 20% commercial. All prices include installation and MCS certificate
New or Existing
StorEdge Battery

SolarEdge Home Battery

Optimized for SolarEdge StorEdge with HD-Wave
technology inverters.

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