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Balmoral Show

SOLARFIX are at the

SOLARFIX are at THE BALMORAL SHOW for the First Time – Sponsorship, Prizes + £ 100’s Discounts available! 

Northern Ireland’s quality solar panel company Solarfix are proud to announce that they are exhibiting at the Balmoral Show for the first time! Like everything Solarfix do, they are going ALL OUT! - becoming the main sponsors of the Pigs and Goat’s Section of The Balmoral Show 2024!

Solarfix are also taking out 2 stands at the event: A large outdoor marquee in Section C51 as well as indoor stand 16 at the brand-new ‘Sustainability Village.’  Both will showcase their domestic, commercial and agricultural offerings – including the NEW DURACELL ENERGY HOME BATTERY! Visit them for discounts available exclusively on the day - including “£250 off vouchers” for new systems purchased at Balmoral.

Solarfix have been fitting systems in rural homes and businesses for nearly a decade - from large poultry producers to dairy and pig farmers of all sorts and sizes. They have over 2,000 systems installed at domestic homes and commercial properties in NI, so have plenty of experience to offer you the best advice!
Solar Panels have always made sound financial and common sense for any property in Northern Ireland – domestic, commercial or agricultural. Why? Because every home or business simply needs electricity to operate. Buying it all from the grid offers 0% return on investment, whereas with Solar Panels you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time…. So why wouldn’t you? It’s the simplest decision you will ever make.

Solarfix are genuinely excited about being at Balmoral for the first time and would love for you to pop round and say hello. It’ll be great craic for all involved and they cannot wait to meet you all!!! 

See or call 0800 246 5198 for more information

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