Upgrade existing PV systems to StorEdge™
  • Specially designed to work side by side with three-phase SolarEdge inverters and non-SolarEdge inverters

  • Compatible with the SolarEdge StorEdge Interface and selected battery vendors such as the Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem RESU

  • Monitor battery status, PV inverter production, and self-consumption data for full visibility

  • IP65 - Outdoor and indoor installation

  • No high voltage or current during installation, maintenance or firefighting for maximum safety

  • The StorEdgeTM AC Coupled Inverter does not work with power optimizers or as a standard solar PV inverter


Two battery sizes

The SolarEdge StorEdge can be easily paired with the LG Chem 7kW & 10kW 400V Lithium Battery


Resu 7H

Resu 7.0H has a useable capacity of 6.6kWh and peak power of 3.5kW.

AC Coupled
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VAT charged at 5% if bought with new solar panel package.
VAT charged at 20% if bought seperately.
Compatible with all systems
StorEdge AC Coupled Inverter with Non-SolarEdge Inverter
Supported Batteries
Note: The StorEdge AC Coupled Inverter does not work with power optimizers or as a standard solar PV inverter

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