Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

We work alongside all manufacturers of solar equipment meaning if your panels or inverters are faulty and need replaced, as long as the equipment is still under manufacturer’s warranty, we can source a warranty replacement from the manufacturer at no cost to you. Note: We only repair and maintain systems installed by Solarfix


The most popular upgrade to any solar panel system is an immersion heater controller, closely followed by monitoring systems to keep an eye on the performance of your solar panel system remotely and quickly identify any faults.

Monitoring & Thermal Imaging

A monitoring system is a great add-on to any solar panel system, we are now offering solar panel surveys using Unmanned Aerial Drones equipped with the latest Infrared Imaging Technology.

Bird Proofing & Deterrents

We can bird-proof your panels using our revolutionary mesh system and banish those birds for good.

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