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Solar Panels – As Important for New builds as Bricks and Mortar

With any new build the goal is to make your new home as energy efficient as possible. You want to create a comfortable space that you can enjoy without it costing the earth to run. With the move from fossil fuels to Air Source Heat Pumps, Electric Cars and other smart technologies – all of which require significant amounts of electricity to run – Solar Panels have never made more sense.
  • Solar Panels generate electricity that reduce your home’s running costs.

  • Solar Panels can be integrated with most heating system to help reduce your heating or hot water costs

  • Solar Panels reduce the carbon footprint of your home and improve the energy rating of your property

  • Solar Panels have the option of being incorporated into the roof finish saving money on other building materials such as slate roof tiles

  • Solar panels can add value to the property

Given the above, at Solarfix we believe including Solar panels in your build project is as essential as the bricks and mortar. Most items you are putting in your home are a ‘cost’ whereas solar panels are an investment that will actually save you money, perhaps even generate you a small income over time.

What our customers say

Andrew wanted his self-build home to be as environmentally friendly as possible and felt solar panels was a good choice. Solarfix installed the panels to blend in with the aesthetics of Andrews home. Andrew believes renewable energy is really important for his family and for the future of the planet.

In roof solar.jpg
In Roof

Integrated solar panels are a cost-effective solution, ensuring the modules do not detract from the look and feel of your home.

On roof solar.jpg
On Roof

Solar panels can be fitted 'on roof' using specialised brackets and rails attached to roofing beams, so the panels sit on the top of the roofing material.

Ground mounted solar.jpg

Ground-mounted panels are ideal for anybody who does not want to include solar PV on their roof and would prefer to have solar on the ground.

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