Service & Repair

Note: We only repair and maintain systems installed by Solarfix

A properly installed solar panel system using good quality components should be relatively hassle-free but like any electronic equipment, solar panel systems are not immune to problems and if you find that any part of your solar panel system needs attention or if you would simply like a maintenance visit or full service for piece of mind, our team of experts are on hand to help.

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What We Offer

We work alongside all manufacturers of solar equipment meaning if your panels or inverters are faulty and need replaced, as long as the equipment is still under manufacturer’s warranty, we can source a warranty replacement from the manufacturer at no cost to you.

  • Full first service (Paperwork audit, visual inspection of entire system, test & commission entire system, clean panels, full report in PDF or hard copy)

  • Full annual service (For existing service customers – same as full first service with the exception of paperwork audit)

  • Light service (Visual inspection of entire system, test & commission)

  • Replacement panels

  • Replacement inverters

  • Replacement generation meters

  • Inverter repairs

  • Warranty replacments

  • One-off repairs

  • Emergency call out

  • Insurance reports

  • Aerial solar panel surveys (using the latest drone & infrared imaging technology)


We can supply & install any upgrade or device on the market today.

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The Latest Drone & Infrared Imaging Technology

Solarfix offer solar panel surveys using Unmanned Aerial Drones equipped with the latest Infrared Imaging Technology. This service is available for all solar panel systems in Northern Ireland, from small domestic to huge solar parks.

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