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Solar sets new record!

Solar smashes peak generation records as it soars to 9.68GW

At around midday on Monday 20th April 2020, solar reached a new peak of 9.68GW, setting a new record and meeting almost 30% of UK electricity demand. This beats the previous record of 9.55GW from 13th May last year.

With this year's annual peak still potentially ahead, and the cleaner air during lock-down this record may yet be exceeded...

We installed our latest 12kWp three-phase array just before lock-down. The system is located in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim and is providing up to 90kWh of clean electricity per day during the brighter and longer days. Where as the customer, a forward-thinking landlord pays 17.8p/kWh for grid-supplied electricity (and rising) the solar array produces a unit of electricity for just 4.9p/kWh FIXED for 25yrs. And any surplus solar electricity is sold to provide an income stream.

The tenant benefits from a clean electricity supply, and the array provides more clean electricity than the workshop and offices consume over a typical year, with CO2 savings of approximately 3,600Kg. The tenant tenders for public sector work, and these key sustainability benefits improve bid weightings and should help them win more business.

We'll be back on-site installing as soon as the lock-down is lifted and have a strong pipeline of installations awaiting installation. Solar is a low risk investment, relatively simple to design and install and provides 10-15% return on capital. You may even be able to write-down the full cost of installation against profits in year one of operation.

Solar adds value to your building, and reduces your running costs for decades. Ideal if you are a landlord or tenant, and even better if you are the building owner and occupier. Solar is win, win, win.... there is no downside.

We offer a free desktop assessment on the potential of your roof for solar, and can advise on ground-mounted options if your roof isn't suitable. Get in touch via our CONTACT page or call 0800 246 5198 for the best independent advice available.

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