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Multiple 12kWp arrays in Cookstown

Advanced Electronic Solutions are an award-winning business based in Cookstown, and recognised as one of the leading forces globally in wireless access control.

From their start of operations in 2005, the company now sells products in more than 27 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

This expansion has seen the business invest in office, production and warehouse space, and the decision to go solar in order to improve operating costs, and further their competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

The business decided to install a 12kWp array on each of two buildings on the same site. This required a Stage 2 application to NIE Networks in advance of installation to ensure the project could proceed without grid upgrades. Once approved, each array was installed and commissioned in a single day, providing immediate savings as less electricity was bought from the grid during daylight hours. Solarfix managed the process from start to finish, keeping the AES management team informed at all stages.

More and more local businesses are realising the value of going solar as grid electricity prices continue to rise. Commercial-scale solar produces a unit of electricity at a cost of just 4-8p per unit fixed, and dilutes the impact of grid-electricity price rises. Solar adds value to buildings, because the building costs less to occupy and work in. If you're an owner/occupier like AES then solar is win-win.

If you'd like to find out how commercial-scale solar in N. Ireland can fix part of your electricity costs, dilute the impact of price rises and add value to your building, please get in touch by calling 0800 246 5198 or by email

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