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12kWp designed to perform

If you have a three-phase electricity supply, up to 12kWp of solar can be installed without advance approval from NIE Networks. This size of system is ideal for farms, factories, office buildings - in fact any building with up to 80m2 of available roof space.

This size of system can typically produce over 9,500kWh of clean electricity per year depending on roof pitch and orientation, and provide savings of over £1,500 pa. As grid-supplied electricity prices rise, so the value of these savings increase.

We design solar to perform using the best available equipment, installed by the most experienced teams in the industry. To demonstrate our commitment to quality and performance, we recently visited John McElderry (M&T) Ltd in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. This family run business is the region's leading supplier of Massey Fergusson tractors and parts.

In response to rising elecricity prices, the business installed a 12kWp solar array last year. Installation was completed in a single day and started generating clean electricity at the end of September 2018. We visited site recently to review the system's performance. Against a projected output of 9,600kWh the system had produced over 11,100kWh during the first year of operation.

Since installation, all lighting has been upgraded to LED to provide lower operating costs in a competitive market, even after a recent electricity price increase.

If you'd like to find out how much you could save by installing solar panels in Northern Ireland please get in touch at or call 0800 246 5198.

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