Monitoring Benefits

A monitoring system is a great add-on to any solar panel system and offers the following benefits:

  • Remotely view the output of your solar panel system

  • Quickly identify any faults with your system to reduce downtime and increase return on investment

  • Monitor energy usage and export to increase income from your system

  • Provide year on year data and charts for analysis of your system’s performance

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We can supply & install any monitoring system on the market but have installed the following systems.


Owl Intuition PV

Control and monitor your electriciy usage - anytime, anywhere.

Solar Panel Drone Thermal Imaging

Solarfix offer solar panel surveys using Unmanned Aerial Drones equipped with the latest Infrared Imaging Technology. This service is available for all solar panel systems in Northern Ireland, from small domestic to huge solar parks as well as Solar Thermal systems.  The aerial surveys are carried out by highly qualified and experienced RPAS UAV (Drone Operator) operators and will quickly identify any faulty or underperforming panels without the extra cost, time and risks involved in identifying faulty panels traditionally.

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