Ground source heat pumps can provide both hot water and heating. There are two forms of energy collection; vertical boreholes and horizontal loops in trenches. Both are highly efficient.


When the sun shines, it heats the ground and the air. This creates natural sources of heat energy, all around us, that are just waiting to be captured. That’s what a heat pump does.

Ground Source Heat pumps collect solar energy that has been stored in the ground and convert it into an environmentally sustainable indoor climate for your home. No coal. No gas. No oil.


Designing your ideal system

Factors to consider in making your choices include the size of your home, 
your existing heating system – including other heat sources – and any peripherals such as a swimming pool.

Expert advice, when you need it

Solarfix are an experienced installer and we will be pleased to guide you through the precise models needed to achieve maximum system efficiency.

While prices vary considerably depending on your situation & requirements, £8,000 is a good benchmark figure to provide adequate heating and hot water to an average sized family home.

Blue haze

So happy with the heat pump, they are even considering greening up their electricity supply with solar PV panels


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